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A mobile and innovative technology that transforms your commemoration places into personalized books of life.

A new experience

Thanks to microlocalization, your mausoleum preserves souvenirs exclusively available on site via a mobile device.

Eternal Memory iPhone 1

Book of life only accessible when the visitor is in front of the location of the sepulture.

Eternal Memory iPhone 2

Pictures, video, biography; the fondest memories kept in one place.

Eternal Memory iPhone 3

Send notifications to highlight important events.



Offer a personalized, unique and adaptive experience without harming the neighborhood.



Communicate directly with your clients using notifications.

Traffic statistics


Get traffic statistics of your mausoleums and even sections within the mausoleum.



Encourage your customers to visit your mausoleums by offering an experience exclusively available inside buildings.



Increase the rate of return on your niches and crypts.



Offer a modern commemoration place that meets the growing popularity of interactivity, without altering the core values of reverence.

Case study

The Cimetière Saint-Charles, the largest cemetery of Quebec City, built a new mausoleum with the Eternal Memory technology.

Eternal Memory portal

We improve the experience of commemoration, on the location of the sepulture of someone dear to you, thanks to modern communication technologies and microlocalization tools. Our future mausoleum will be able to interact with the relatives of the deceased, through a tablet or a smartphone, to evoke the human heritage of a lost one.

- François Chapdelaine, general manager of Cimetière Saint-Charles
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With its added value and its new line of communication, the Eternal Memory system provides a rate of return of more than 400%.

The Eternal Memory system was designed to be installed in existing mausoleums and even new ones.

No technical knowledge required, your staff will be able to use and sell the service without complication.

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